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My pastime put to good use


Connecting Music Teachers and their Students

Ritmico closes the gap between music lessons, and practicing by ensuring that every music student can remain in contact with their teacher.


Constantly keep documentation updated

A command line tool to parse in-line documentation from various codebases into Markdown for easy documentation creation and maintenance.


A Simple yet Powerful Markdown Editor

A stand-alone application to quickly preview, edit, and export Markdown files.


Read faster than ever before

Designed, implemented, and maintained a revolutionary new type of site that allows the user to read much faster than average. By forcing the user to not move their eyes inbetween words, the words per minute time has increased exponentially.

About Me

I'm a Student, Software Developer and Designer from Chicago, IL.

My interest with computers and technology stems from my early childhood, when my parents brought home an old IBM desktop. Ever since, I devour all the information I can get my hands on regarding tech, and development.

In the workplace, I push myself to deliver stellar products with robust backends, and beautiful UI Designs. I am currently working on several projects, as well as studying Computer Science full time.


Formal Education: Highschool and College

Currently, I am a junior at Syracuse University studying Computer Science in both the Engineering School and the Renee Crown Honors Program. I am set to graduate in 2019. I finished my Freshman and Sophomore Year on the Deans List.

Previously, I have attended Glenbard West High School, from Aug 2011 through June 2015. I graduated with a 4.8 / 5.0 GPA, in all Honors / AP Classes, with at composite 33 ACT score.


My Professional Career

Freelance Web Design

Mar, 2014 - Current

Created and maintained several websites, including personal blogs with a full integrated backends, and well as beautiful personal portfolio sites.

Hilltopper Track

Lead Designer and Frontend Developer | Jul, 2014 - Feb 2015

Designed, created, and implemented a custom backend and frontend for the Glenbard West Track and Field team, with advanced posting mechanisms.


May, 2014 - Sep, 2015

Created and implemented the initial design and infrastructure for the AdsWithFriends ecosystem. Responsible for overall brand appeal, including marketing strategies, UI Design, UX Design, and User research.

The Glen Bard

Assistant Editor in Chief | Aug, 2014 - Jun, 2015

Responsible for the design, and publication of a high-school newspaper, consisting of 20 full color pages, in 12 different issues over nine months.